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ELA 2016-2017  

Ms. Vanoy's ELA Knights Calendar
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My ELA Knights Core Classes are 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th period. Advisory and RTI is during 4th period and Explore is during 6th period.  If students are absent or in some instances made a poor grade, students have the ability to download the assignment and improve their score. This webpage is another opportunity for students to make sure they are completing all their assignments. If students are not completing their assignments or doing poorly on the assignments, it's not just about a grade in a grade book. If grades are low or missing that means students are missing content and aren't learning. I want this webpage to be used as another way to give students chances to learn the content deeply.

This webpage is a great tool to use with access to Infinite Campus-- if a grade is missing, you can find the assignment here to complete. If you forgot the questions at school or didn't get a copy because you were absent, always check this website to access the materials.
  • Student Access to SCOPEStudent Access to SCOPE

    Below is a link to the student access to SCOPE. In case you didn't come back and borrow a magazine, it is available when you use this link. The access code for our class (Ms. Vanoy) is gmscougars16.


    It is also available on Kentucky Virtual Library if you search the title in the search engine.



  • BME Strategy Mental Model

    Great strategy for Literature Lessons 5, 6, and 7. This startegy helps you analyze how the different story elements influence each other, it helps you summarize the story, and it helps you determine and analyze theme!BME

  • Lesson 5 Exit Slip B from "Dusk" Vocabulary

    Lesson 5 Exit Slip B had some very challenging vocabulary. We reviewed and discussed in class, but just in case you need the definitions if you had homework, I'll provide them here:

    "Dusk" L5EB Vocabulary

    elderly- old
    defiance- don't want to do something
    vestige- a little something that barely
    ceased- stopped
    defy- go against
    bleak- bland and depressing
    scarcely- barely
    good temper- good mood
    dispassionately- don't care much
    yarn- story
    resentment- hold something against someone
    judicially- fairly
    reminiscence- think back on past

    decent chap- good person
    irresolutely- definitely
    defensive hostility- angrily because you are feel like you aren't treated right
    genuineness- trueness
    hastily- quickly

  • Mrs. Vanoy's Top Reasons for Reading Literature

        There are many reasons why I feel students should read literature. The first reason is reading literature provides empathy. When you read and connect to the characters in a story you are able to accept other people's feelings and perspectives. Another reason is because reading literature makes a strong imagination. Reading literature expands your imagination and helps you dream bigger. The last reason I feel students should read more literature is because it helps with analytical skills. Reading literature has readers make connections, question, notice details, and make sense of experiences. Reading literature is important.

  • Author's Purpose and Author's Point of View Mental Model RI.7.6

  • Text Structures RI.7.5

    We made a foldable on text structures, mental models, and transition words. Students are going to use this foldable as a bookmark which will be a resource on this learning target.

    Students were reminded this is a "base" mental model, similar to a base model of a car. This is the model that doesn't have leather seats or automatic locks. With more complex texts, they will have to adapt the mental models. For instance, there may be one problem, yet six solutions provided in an article. Or students may be told to analyze (break down) a paragraph and there will be one descriptive topic and only three details on the web.

    I have also attached the notes in the downloads section.

  • RI.7.4 Types of Word Meaning Notes

    Types of Word Meanings

    Connotative Meaning- emotional meaning of words
    positive, negative, or neutral
    *bonus details to word*

    Technical Meaning- subjects areas in science, math, and engineering express ideas using technical words and phrases

    Figurative Meaning- expresses ideas in a creative, unusual, or unique way

  • Inferences Mental Model

    Here is the equation we use for strong inferences:

    Text Evidence + Background Knowledge= Inferences

  • Summary Mental Model

    Use this mental model when completing Lesson 2 Exit Slip A and the Pokemon Go Summaries.

  • Standards Based Grading Scale on Exit Slips A and B!
    Standards Based Description Standards Based Scale Exit Slip B is worth 50 Points Exit Slip A is worth 25 Points
    Novice 0 0  
    Novice 1- 32 16
    Novice 1 34 17
    Novice 1+ 36 18
    Apprentice 2- 38 19
    Apprentice 2 40 20
    Apprentice 2+ 42 21
    Proficient 3- 44 22
    Proficient 3 46 23
    Proficient 3+ 48 24
    Distinguished 4 50 25
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