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Sketchbook Ideas

  1. Arrange a few stainless steel utensils on a black background, and do a tonal study in graphite pencil.
  2. Design a map from your front door to your bathroom.
  3. Find at least 10 different yellows, blue, green, red, orange, purple, white, & turquoise.
  4. Trace three different leaves; combine three different leaves to make a new design.
  5. Draw a pet or a friend’s pet.
  6. Make a square from magazine pictures.
  7. Make a new landscape from magazine landscapes.
  8. Look up starry night, and then color a night picture of your own.
  9. Describe in words your favorite art activity in the primary.
  10. Glue an envelope into your book and decorate. Find something interesting or unusual to put in the envelope.
  11. Describe a dream.
  12. Draw and color food on a plate.
  13. Create a pop-out form between two pages.
  14. Draw a contour line of your hand, foot, and an object.
  15. Gesture of a figure at lunch or study hall.
  16. Design the first five letters of the alphabet ex. A B C D E.
  17. Redesign the Spartan.
  18. Design a new sneaker.
  19. Find 10 textures.
  20. Find 5 actual textures to glue in.
  21. Make at least 10 greens, blues, and yellows that are different material.
  22. Design motorized roller blades.
  23. Clues to a narrative - let your drawing suggest a story that has happened or is going to happen. A bloody knife, a broken object, historical items and photographs, clothes on a chair - objects can be loaded with meaning.
  24. Play with contrasts - old/new, dark/light, prickly/soft using objects and fabrics. How can you make something look heavy or light?
  25. Do some 30-second rapid sketches.
  26. Think about an issue that you feel strongly about and illustrate it.
  27. If you're new to drawing, try looking for a subject that is meaningful to you - a favorite object, animal or person.
  28. Represent the wind, sadness, happiness other emotions with symbols, colors, etc
  29. Draw bookmarks for the school library.
  30. Junk food with wrapper
  31. Part of a vehicle
  32. Something not pretty
  33. Inside of closet
  34. 3 unlikely objects together
  35. Part of any object ( mystery draw)
  36. A scene that depicts peace
  37.  Draw the contents of a trash can
  38.  Draw an object with a surface texture
  39.  Design a school desk
  40.  Draw your favorite snack food
  41.  Draw an object melting
  42.  Draw the word as the shape of the object. Such as the word apple in the shape of an apple, or apples spelling out the word.
  43. Draw popcorn.
  44.  Keyhole: what would you see through a key hole?
  45. Design a personal license plate.
  46. Cut a black and white photograph in half and draw the missing half.
  47. Practice contour line drawing with a variety of marking pen and numerous objects.
  48. Choose an object and enlarge it so that it goes off four sides of the page
  49. Illustrate a poem.
  50. Sit your favorite fruit or veggie on a plate.
  51. Create a page of patterns
  52. Design a book cover for your favorite book on the computer
  53. Illustrate a dream you have had.
  54. Close your eyes and draw slowly for 2 minutes. Open your eyes and play with the lines, adding letters, symbols, patterns, textures and color.
  55. Draw your hand in contour line style in the upper left corner of the page. Put hand in a different position and draw it right next to the first one. Keep going until the page is full.
  56. Draw a picture of the inside of your stomach and the food in it after a big meal.
  57. Draw your idea of Paradise
  58. If animals could draw, what would their artwork look like? Draw their artwork.
  59. Why are people afraid to visit cemeteries at night? Draw it.
  60. Draw a necktie and design an interesting pattern on it.
  61. Draw a medal for yourself. It must be designed for the thing you do best.
  62. Draw a city on another planet.
  63. You are a toy designer; draw your new toy.
  64. Draw a poster to advertise your favorite movie
  65. Draw yourself dressed in clothing from the 1970's.
  66.  Draw your best friend.
  67.  Draw your birthday wish list.
  68.  Draw an illuminated letter for your best friend.
  69.  Draw yourself in the style of your favorite artist.
  70.  Draw your "dream car".
  71.  Draw a "fantasy" house.
  72.  Draw a bubble.
  73.  Draw a leaf.
  74.  Draw the sky.
  75.  Draw a mirror and all it reflects.
  76.  Draw your favorite animal with a human face.
  77.  Draw yourself as a robot.
  78.  Draw your favorite song.
  79.  Draw your favorite photograph.
  80.  Draw your favorite person (from life).
  81.  Develop or “visually play” with new forms or shapes (doodling)
  82. write quotations or poem that interest you
  83. draw  a shoe from 2 different positions
  84. draw what you think a garden would look like from the view of an insect
  85. Draw a sandcastle
  86. Draw what a spaceship commander would see in his video screen
  87. Draw a view under a magnifying glass
  88. Draw the boat you would like to travel in around the world
  89. Draw a scientist top secret project
  90. Draw a picture of  yourself if you grew flowers instead of hair, or worms
  91. Draw an idea that came to your mind when thinking about food
  92. Draw an idea that came into  your head through your fingers
  93. Draw and idea that came to your head through your feet
  94. Take one of your ideas you have already drawn and revise it
  95. Illustrate  a famous saying/quotation
  96. Draw yourself in a mood
  97. Draw things that make noise and illustrate the sound
  98. Draw things that float
  99. Draw things that have flavor
  100. Draw things that close
  101. Illustrate the way “things were”
  102. Draw the world through the eyes of a frog
  103. Draw a “how to” poster
  104. Draw yourself with wings
  105. Draw things that come from eggs
  106. Draw your dream room
  107. Create an imaginary alphabet
  108. Design a costume for 2090
  109. Draw a view of the jungle
  110. Draw a lost dog
  111. Draw the trail of an imaginary insect.
  112. Design anew CD cover
  113. Fill in the page with as many different kinds of lines as possible.
  114. Fill the page with groups of lines, which move together changing direction with angles.
  115. Beginning with one freeform line, and echoing it with variations.
  116. Visualize sounds without drawing an object.
  117. Fill the page with as many different kinds of lettering as possible
  118. Draw something biting your foot, use and include reference material
  119. Draw you biting something’s foot, use and include reference material
  120. Draw three famous sculptures, include title and name of the artist
  121. Create 5 geometric sculptures. They must change on all sides and be drawn in perspective
  122. Your foot or shoe in blind contour
  123. An object in your living room
  124. A plant in your yard, using contour and shading



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