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I would like to welcome you to Garrard County High School. Our vision is one in which EVERY student will be successful, EVERY day. Our students know that we care about their welfare. Every student has an advocate that will go to great depths to assist the student and reinforce the school’s vision. Our vision lies within the framework that the school will be student centered for EVERY student to achieve proficiency and to graduate college and/or career ready within 4 years. Our classrooms meet the requirements for 21st century learning skills. Our students are active participants within the classroom and work cooperatively. We utilize our instructional time to ...
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Welcome!! GCHSNew Teachers
Melony Martinez
Michelle Hopkins
Denise Thomas
Credit Recovery
Jimmy Anderson
Career/Cr. Recovery
Tisha Weaver
Sam Whitehead


Welcome!! GCHS New Teachers ! (continued)
Hubert Schroer

Taylor Akin

Senior Parents

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