I would like to welcome you to Garrard County High School.  Our vision is one in which EVERY student will be successful, EVERY day.  Our students know that we care about their welfare.  Every student has an advocate that will go to gre...

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Whole Foods Store Field Trip

Mrs. Lane and Mrs. Hooper took their foods classes on a field trip to see first hand how food was processed.  They visited the facilities at Marksbury Farms and ended their trip with lunch at the Blue Bird in Stanford.

GLAD Club (Garrard Leadership Against Drugs)

Congrats to these students for signing the Garrard Leadership Against Drugs Healthy Living Pledge.  On October 15, 2014 the GLAD Club hosted speakers from the GLAD Coalition community group. Mark Metcalf, the Attorney for Garrard County, shared that the purpose of the coalition is to reducing and eliminating substance use and abuse in Garrard County and South Central Kentucky with prevention, treatment, and enforcement programs. Tiffany Whitley, Paula Fox, and Tayna Fogle met with small groups of students to share personal stories of overcoming the personal and familial consequences of addition.  All students were invited to the GLAD Coalition Community Forum on October 28, 2014 at 6:00 pm at the Grand Theater.

Garrard Band Receives $5000 from Bob Allen

Garrard County Band  receives $5000 check from Bob Allen thru the Drive Dodge One program.

Soccer All-District** Dillyn Twisdale & Barry Rich


GCHS Students recognized as All-District:  Barry Rich & Dillyn Twisdale

School Report Card-Checking On Our Progress with One Click

Checking On Our Progress with One Click
Just as parents examine their children’s report card to see how well they are doing, so, too, can anyone with Internet access look at each Kentucky public school or district’s report card to see how they are performing.
School and District Report Cards are posted on the Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE's) website. These Report Cards provide information including test performance, teacher qualifications, student safety, awards, parent involvement and much more.
To access the site, go to https://applications.education.ky.gov/src/. By scrolling down a list of districts or schools to highlight the one in question and then clicking on “View Card,” a person will see several information-specific tabs, each containing information on one aspect of the school or district.

District & School Report Card


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