Archery Team

PLE Archery Team News

Paint Lick Elementary held an intramural tournament  at the school recently.




Team members, left to right: Machaela Jones, Dylan Isaacs, Christian Fayne, Kash White, Coach Jennifer Speake, Libby Lester, Ava Swope, Matthew Runyan, Logan Speake, Justin Parsons, Andrew Smith, Ella Srsic, J.T. Parsons.



Archery Top Three, left to right: 1st place-Kash White, 2nd place-J.T. Parsons, 3rd place-Logan Speake





Front row: (left to right) Michaela Jones, J.T. Parsons, Libby Lester, Dylan Isaacs, Christian Fayne

Middle row: (left to right) Melody Srsic-Coach, Logan Speake, Kash White

Back row: (left to right) Head Coach Jennifer Speake, Justin Parsons, Matthew Runyon, Ella Srsic, Ava Swope, Andrew Smith, Carol Smith-Coach




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