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FFA Regional Winners


Erin Hoskins won 1st place in the FFA Regional competition in the American Institute of Cooperation Contest. (Left)

James Hounshell won 2nd place in the FFA Regional Ag Mechanics Speech Contest. (Right)

Egg Lady Visit's Mrs. Hooper's Foods Class


Cassinda Bechanan from the Kentucky Poultry Federation spoke to Ms. Hooper's and Ms. Lane's Nutrition and Foods and Culinary classes.  She spoke to students on the quality, nutrition, buying and storing of eggs and the different ways they can be used to prepare foods.  Cassinda then demonstrated the Helmer method of preparing omelets.  He made it to the Guiness Book of World Records by preparing 427 ometets in 30 minutes.  Each student then got to prepare their own omelet using this technique.

Mike Rutherford visits Garrard County School District



Mike Rutherford, the educational researcher and founder of Rutherford Learning Group, visited Garrard County on Monday, March 23 and Friday, March 24.  On the evening of March 23, he met with principals, district leaders and visitors from the Casey County Schools Central Office to discuss research-based methods for coaching teachers and identifying their talents.  Mike Rutherford’s work and The Artisan Teacher materials will be used as the basis for helping school leaders better support teachers and help them improve their educational practice.




Rutherford visits Schools





Dr. Robin Cooper (UK) visits Mrs. Vanhook's Biology Classes


Dr. Cooper spoke about neurology and did several experiments. Students were instructed on EKG and EEG test and were given the tools to practice on each other.


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