GCHS Academic Team

Garrard County High School Academic Team medaled in each category of the District Academic competition, and took home the Championship title!

From left to right: (Front Row) Abigail Travis, Brody Marcum, Sydney Travis, Abigail Keith, Elise Culross. (Back Row) Zyn Hacker, Josh Wallace, Justin Foster, Eleanor Srsic, Ava Swope.

Not pictured: Connor Norfleet, Vivianna Weaver 

Garrard County High School competed in the following individual tested areas: Math, Social Studies, ELA, Arts and Humanities, Science and Composition and also competed in the following team competitions: Future Problem Solving and Quick Recall. 

Results are listed below for their most recent district competition. 

Math - 2nd Place Abby Keith

Social Studies - 3rd Place Eleanor Srsic

ELA - 2nd Place Vivianna Weaver; 3rd Place Brody Marcum; 5th Ava Swope

Arts and Humanities - 1stPlace Elise Culross; 3rd Place Eleanor Srsic

Science - 1st Place Vivianna Weaver

Composition - 1st Place Elise Culross; 3rd Place Brody Marcum; 4th Place Abigail Travis

Future Problem Solving - 1st Place:  Abby Keith; Brody Marcum: Abby Travis; Sydney Travis

Quick Recall - 2nd Place Abby Keith (captain); Elise Culross; Vivianna Weaver; Eleanor Srsic; Ava Swope; Josh Wallace; Justin Foster; Connor Norfleet

The team will compete  at Regionals in Quick Recall and Future Problem Solving, and each individual team member listed above will individually compete in content areas. 

Congratulations to our Garrard County High School Academic Team! 

Team pictured below with coaches, Mrs. Michelle Hoskins and Tisha Weaver.