Our GCS Lighthouses-Serving Personally, Compassionately, and Proudly


Tracie Bottoms

A little about this lighthouse…

Tracie supports her staff, loves our kids, and does so much for all LES stakeholders. She is pretty much everything you would want in administration. She is intelligent and kind and makes us feel respected and appreciated.  

This lighthouse was highlighted by Kim Hacker.

GCS Lighthouse- J. Anderson

Jaylene Anderson

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If you look up the word tireless you would find a picture of Jaylene next to it. She is non-stop busy all day long. And with a smile on her face! She is always willing to help anyone out or to give some advice. She loves her kids and is always thinking of a new way to help them. She is just amazing and I know she is a lighthouse for so many.

This lighthouse was highlighted by Millie Ledford.


Christin O'Nan

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Christin is a long-term sub for Kindergarten this year.  Her background is not in education. It is in Law, but watching her in action you would never know this. She has worked in the school for a couple of years now, and when she came in to do a long-term sub she was so positive that everyone around her felt the positivity emitting from her. She always has a smile on her face and a hug in her arms for the kids. She always goes over and above what is expected of her. She purchased books for all the kids and every Friday she has “Lucky Duck Friday” She draws a name and that student receives a new book. Our school system is blessed to have a person like Christin to step up and teach our children. 

This lighthouse was highlighted by JoAnne Sparks  Kindergarten assistant.

Carolyn Noe-PLE

Carolyn Noe

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To me, Mrs. Noe is the epitome of what a lighthouse should be.  She has worked so hard for the students of Garrard County for many years and still continues to show up for them and serve them every single day.  She has one of the most positive attitudes and is always smiling and making the best out of any situation. She is the first person to step up to help out when there is a need. She was kind & supportive to me and was a mentor when I student taught with her at PLE and continues to be so today! She is the first person I know I can go to with a math question or for a lesson idea when students are struggling.  The education world needs more like Mrs. Noe, and we are so blessed to have her! 

This lighthouse was highlighted by Lindsay Burton.

Nancy Cummins-GMS

Nancy Cummins

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As a teacher new to the district, things can seem scary. I didn't know anyone coming in but Nancy quickly took me under her wing to make sure I'm doing okay and always does her best to help me when I have questions. Sometimes as a newer teacher, I get too afraid to ask questions because I don't want others to think less of me. Nancy has never made me feel this way and makes sure I am comfortable asking her anything I need help with. We may not talk every day and our subject areas may be different, but if I ever need help Nancy is the one I know I can count on!

This lighthouse was highlighted by Lekisha Hembree.


Kristy Marcum

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Kristy Marcum is truly an angel on earth. She serves our school as the K-2 Special Education Teacher, with her Paraeducator Ms. Cathy Aper. Mrs. Marcum helps students that are not yet receiving services have necessary interventions in place to help them succeed. She does this by providing teachers (and myself) with some awesome visual aids for students who could use them. She answers all of our questions with patience and a willing spirit to find out if she doesn't know the answer. Her students adore her. She is an AMAZING asset to this building and I don't know what we would do without her. Her students have some very high needs, and she meets them as well as she possibly can. I often find her car in the parking lot long after 5 pm. Mrs. Marcum has served this building for almost 20 years and has done a remarkable job. I am proud to call her a colleague and friend.

This lighthouse was highlighted by Chelsea Tipton.

Chasity Clark

Chasity Clark

A little about this lighthouse…

Chasity is certainly in the right profession - Nursing. She is a natural caregiver who takes care of everyone but especially has a heart for children.
Her door is always open, whether they are hurting physically or emotionally, the students know she is there for them because they can feel her love and concern. Chasity takes the time to listen and treats them with respect. She lifts them up and makes sure they are feeling better and are cared for before sending them back to class or home. She is the epitome of the saying "Be Kind".
In a time when we all could use more Lighthouses, Chasity's sweet, caring nature definitely spreads light wherever she goes. 

This lighthouse was highlighted by Teresa Clough.


Angie Fielder 

A little about this lighthouse…

So many students who have had Ms. Fielder for Freshman Science class keep stopping by to talk with her before and after school as well as between classes during their sophomore, junior and senior years. 
Students know those teachers who care about them as learners and as people.  Angie Fielder has had and still has that ability to listen to our students and they know she cares for them now and long after they have left her class. 
I see her as a lighthouse to so many of our students.   

This lighthouse was highlighted by Johnny Yates.