Mr. Louis Kluesener, LES Teacher, Named Garrard County Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Mr. Louis Kluesener for being recognized as the Garrard County Schools Teacher of the Month sponsored by Whitaker Bank! #lesproud #gcsproud

Mr. K is the epitome for teacher of the month. He strives to make a positive impact on his students and to teach them to have that same impact of their communities. Additionally, he truly believes in being a life- long learner and continually works at finding instructional ways for his students to achieve their goals. He has high expectations for his classroom and at the same time develops genuine relationships, so students enjoy a productive struggle in their educational journey. He is eager to take on additional tasks and I’ve never heard him say anything negative. He is quick to engage all his students and staff with a “good morning” and ask about their days. His professionalism is impeccable and truly appreciated.