KSBA Meeting-Brother Browning

Garrard County, KY - The Kentucky School Board Association (KSBA) Central Kentucky Regional Meeting hosted at Garrard County High School was a night to remember, filled with music, food, valuable information, and a strong sense of community. The success of the event was made possible by the generous support of our sponsors, who provided door prizes that left attendees delighted.

However, what truly made the evening exceptional was the active participation of Garrard County students. As board members, legislators, vendors, and KSBA executive staff arrived, they were welcomed by twelve enthusiastic 5th Grade students, with four each representing Camp Dick Robinson, Lancaster Elementary, and Paint Lick Elementary. The students' warm greetings and smiles set a welcoming tone for the entire event.

These young greeters guided our guests to the sign-in table, where board members received bags of items donated by the Chamber of Commerce, featuring the students' artistic renderings of the Garrard County outline, created by GCHS art students under the guidance of Mrs. Kristin Long, Garrard County High School Art Teacher. The bags left the guests genuinely impressed.

For approximately the next 20 minutes, as attendees socialized with fellow board members, they enjoyed the melodious tunes of the Garrard County Jazz Band. This ensemble, featuring talented students from both Garrard County High School and Garrard Middle School under the skillful direction of Noel Green, offered a musical delight that was truly exceptional. If you haven't had the pleasure of listening to them before, you've certainly missed out.

As the attendees settled into their seats for the evening's program, they were treated to a flawless rendition of the National Anthem. This remarkable performance was delivered by the GCHS Marching Band under the expert guidance of Mr. Chris Vance. If you can recall standing in the GCHS foyer, envision the band positioned on the staircase and bridge that links the two upper wings of the building. Now, immerse yourself in the majestic sound of the band echoing throughout the foyer. It was an outstanding presentation, and it's challenging to envision board members ever experiencing a more exceptional rendition in a more splendid location."

Immediately following the National Anthem's conclusion, the GMS 7th and 8th-grade choir, skillfully directed by Mrs. Nancy Cummins, gathered on the bridge overlooking the foyer and delivered a captivating rendition of 'My Old Kentucky Home.' Their performance was nothing short of extraordinary. Considering these students had only been singing together for four weeks into the school year, their excellence was truly remarkable. Without a doubt, every attendee at the event was beginning to appreciate the exceptional talent of Garrard County's students.

However, the surprises didn't stop there. As attendees settled into their seats, they found themselves at tables adorned with exquisite centerpieces. These beautiful arrangements were crafted by students enrolled in the floral design classes under the guidance of Mrs. Natasha Parsons at GCHS. The students' work was so impeccable that it left many in awe, with some even expressing astonishment that it wasn't the handiwork of seasoned professionals."

Last but not least, attendees were treated to an exquisite meal featuring salad, roasted chicken, savory garlic green beans, delectable twice-baked potatoes, freshly baked rolls, and a choice of either Kentucky Chocolate Cake or creamy creme brûlée. What made this culinary experience even more special was that it was expertly prepared and served by the gifted young chefs from the culinary classes under the guidance of Mrs. Emily Arnold at GCHS. It was a remarkable showcase of the remarkable talents of these budding culinary artists.

Participants had much to say about the aspects they liked most, including the fantastic music, delicious food, and informative content. The involvement of Garrard County students, from greeters to performers, left a lasting impression and added a unique touch to the evening. The roundtable discussions allowed for meaningful conversation and networking among participants. The event's punctuality and the presentation of KSBA survey results were also appreciated.

In the additional comments and suggestions section, participants expressed gratitude for the lovely meal and entertainment, and praised the hospitality. They thanked the hosts, Garrard County and KSBA, for the opportunity to attend such a memorable event.

A special thank you to Garrard County's generous sponsors:

First Southern National Bank provided a delightful Gift Basket from KY Soaps and Such, Shell Greenhouse contributed festive pumpkins, Mason Brothers offered Gift Certificates, and Marksbury Farms presented a thoughtful Gift Bag. Keys and Crows joined the list with Gift Certificates, while Danville Office Equipment went a step further by offering an Office Chair. Shenanigans chipped in with Two Gift Certificates that added excitement to the evening.

We also extend our gratitude to the Garrard County Chamber of Commerce, who donated GC Goodie Bags for Board Member Participants. Their support showcased the spirit of collaboration within our community and added a local touch to the gathering.

The KSBA Central Kentucky Regional Meeting hosted in Garrard County showcased the district's dedication to education, student involvement, and community engagement. It was an evening filled with camaraderie and valuable discussions, leaving a lasting impact on all those who attended.

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