Sandy Whitt receiving Support Staff Member of the Month Award.

Sandy Whitt has the ultimate "heart for others!"  I have witnessed Ms. Sandy do things over and beyond, for zero money or accolades, just because she is an unbelievable human being!  As a bus driver, she is so welcoming and friendly to the students each and every day!  From an encouraging word to a piece of candy, she connects with the students!  Also, as a principal, I never had to worry about anything from Ms. Sandy's bus because she had connected with all the parents on her route.  They trusted Ms. Sandy and appreciated the love that she showed their child everyday!  Also, Ms. Sandy would come into the school and help with small groups when we were in need, mentor students, and would spend countless hours making sure our Christmas programs had the best props in Central Kentucky!  Bottom line is - We need more people like Ms. Sandy!  Thank you, Ms. Sandy, for all you do for our students and our district!