Support Staff of the Month

A note about Mrs. Regina Meadows from PLE Principal, Liz Erwin:

When I walked into Paint Lick the first time, Regina’s smile was the first thing that I saw.  I walked into the building and was greeted by her warm demeanor and energetic, happy, spirit.  She ushered me in and I knew I was home.  Regina is more than a bookkeeper.  She encapsulates the heart and soul of Paint Lick Elementary.  She works on so much more than just the books. She makes sure that the school runs efficiently, effectively, and with the students’ needs first and foremost in mind.  She is always ready to take on anything the staff needs help with in order to make the school better or a child feel loved.  Paint Lick is so fortunate to have such a kindhearted, loving soul who is so passionate about our kids.