SIXTEEN Area Technology Center Students Passed Phlebotomy Technician Certification Exam

The Garrard County Area Technology Center offers students a chance to take classes in the Phlebotomy Technician Pathway. 

This pathway prepares individuals, under the supervision of physicians and other healthcare professionals, to draw blood samples from patients using a variety of intrusive procedures. Includes instruction in basic vascular anatomy and physiology, blood physiology, skin puncture techniques, venipuncture, venous specimen collection and handling, safety and sanitation procedures, and applicable standards and regulations.

Students complete coursework, and perform thirty venipunctures and ten capillary sticks before taking their certification exam. 

The GC Area Technology Center had 24 students in the program this year- and currently has sixteen students who recently gained certification! More students are scheduled to test later this spring. 

Check out the students who gained certification last week! 

Karli Kirkpatrick, Senior at GCHS 

Nancy Perez, Senior at GCHS 

Caitlin Johnson, Senior at GCHS

Jasmine Ward, Senior at GCHS

Maddie Moss, Senior at GCHS

Bridgett Mills, Senior at GCHS

Gabrielle Florence, Senior at GCHS

Kennedy McGuffey, Senior at GCHS

Anna Malone, Senior at LCHS

Mariah Caudill, Senior at LCHS

Alexis Snow, Senior at LCHS

Megan Lay, Senior at LCHS 

Darah Bennett, Senior at LCHS 

Sara Beth Miller, Senior at LCHS 

Not pictured: 

Lexi Anderson, Senior at LCHS 

Abbie Cook, Senior at LCHS