Garrard County High School Senior, Kaitlynn Million, Graduates with K-12 Perfect Attendance.

Kaitlynn Million recently graduated Garrard County High School with a distinct honor that not many students are able to achieve. During the thirteen years of her educational career, Kaitlynn has not missed a single day of school, earning herself K-12 Perfect Attendance. Kaitlynn Million was the only 2022 GCHS senior to graduate with this honor. 

While attending Garrard County High School, Kaitlynn devoted her academic studies to the Healthcare field. She graduated with a 3.5 GPA accompanied with earning her Certified Nurse Aide and Phlebotomy Technician certifications. In addition to her academic success, Kaitlynn was also a dominant member of the GCHS Bowling Team-placing 3rd in this year’s Regional competition and also competing at the state level. Kaitlynn’s future plans include attending Campbellsville University Harrodsburg campus in the fall, studying to be a Labor and Delivery Nurse, and participating on the CU Harrodsburg Bowling Team. 

Kaitlynn described how she always liked going to school, she enjoyed the schoolwork and meeting new friends and hanging out with them in the school setting. When asked about her drive and determination for never missing school she said, “My entire family supported and pushed me to earn perfect attendance each year- it wasn’t really a possibility to miss- just an expectation to go everyday.”  

So has Kaitlynn never been sick in the past thirteen years? When asked about sick days, she said, “As odd as it sounds, it always worked out that I was sick on a break or the weekend.” Kaitlynn did provide a story about her 10th grade year- a close call with her perfect attendance. Kaitlynn said, “I was feeling pretty rough at school one week, and on Thursday my mom took me to get tested for the flu. The test came back positive- and I was instructed to miss school the next day, Friday.” As the family prepared for this to be the end of Kaitlynn’s perfect attendance record, they received an all call from the school that afternoon. Garrard County Schools were notifying parents that they were closing the next school day, that Friday, for sickness. A close call that ended positively for Kaitlynn and she was able to earn her K-12 perfect attendance record two years later. 

Garrard County School district commends Kaitlynn Million on her accomplishment. Superintendent Mr. Kevin Stull says, “Attendance is a key factor in a student’s academic growth and success. Garrard County Schools values the importance of being present to learn and grow each day. We applaud Kaitlynn and her family for sharing that same value and making her educational attendance a priority each year.” Garrard County High School Principal, Mr. Michael Anderson, says “We strive to ensure our seniors are college and career ready before graduating GCHS and Kaitlynn Million is a perfect example of that goal. She is a dedicated student leaving with college hours, career certifications and a mindset of determination instilled by her family that will prove instrumental in her future.