Endia Harvey 2022 Fran Winner

Garrard County Schools had the honor to share the names of our amazing FRAN nominees and announce our FRAN winner during our Opening Day Event.  These nominees are classified employees who are the biggest champions for the students in our schools with the most needs and they look for ways to make a difference each day. They  were nominated by their peers because they go above and beyond to meet the needs of their students.

The nominees this year (listed in alphabetical) order are:

Tonya Abee, Denise Calvert, Crystal Coffey, Melinda Dailey, Tammy Ellis, Chris Goddard, Teresa Griffin, Danicia Hale, Endia Harvey, Rhonda Keith, Chrystal Kidder, Ruby Lear, Rosemary Lee, Claudia Lucas, Valerie Palacio, Karilon Simpson, Tiffany Skeens, Carolyn Sparks, Gary Vickers, Steven Walton. 

We are proud to announce this year's FRAN winner is.... Ms. Endia Harvey!

Some of the comments made by colleagues about this year's FRAN winner Ms. Endia Harvey:

The nominee is always eager to meet students with a smile and kind heart. She wears many hats in her job and is always willing to help assist with whatever the school may need. She knows the students of our community and their needs- she goes above and beyond to provide for those needs. 

She truly wants to see the kids that are graduating be successful and know of any and all opportunities  prior to that can help them succeed. 

She has one of the most student-centered attitudes in the entire building. She truly wants to make the students at our school the best version of themselves before entering the “real world”.  She has brought back the college and career fair and set up in-person mock interviews for the Senior Seminar Classes of GCHS. 

She has devoted many years to this community and school system.  She is a true example of what a FRAN should be.

This year we are presenting a certificate and a locally grown gift from GC graduate, Whitney Prewitt’s new business Flower Patch KY.

Congratulations Ms. Endia Harvey!