Opening Day Graphic

Garrard County Schools held their annual Opening Day event on Monday, August 8th 2022. Staff gathered together in the auditorium of Garrard Middle School for an Opening Day event like they had never seen before.

Former graduates of Garrard County High School were invited to speak at the event, with graduates representing each decade since the school opened in 1964. The graduates discussed the importance that Garrard County Schools played in their educational and personal lives and many expressed gratitude for the countless staff members of Garrard County Schools over the years. Eight speakers submitted videos, and Mr. Kevin Brown, Class of 1993, attended in person as the keynote speaker.

The idea of being proud of where you come from and proud of our school district’s accomplishments is a mentality which Garrard County Schools is embodying this school year. The Opening Day speakers did an excellent job displaying that mentality. You can watch the speaker’s videos below. 

Rusty Clark, Class of 1983

Jennifer Krimm, Class of 2012

Mark Metcalf, Class of 1976

Alex Miller, Class of 2021

Spencer Overstreet, Class of 2012

Ken Parsons, Class of 1969

Eve Proffitt, Class of 1968

Christina Wyler, Class of 2009

At the end of our event, staff members who were GC graduates themselves were asked to stand. The sheer number of alumni staff members standing in the auditorium was a powerful statement. Garrard County School district is thankful for all staff members, and grateful to former students who chose to give back to a system that served them educationally for years.

CLICK HERE to view a highlight video from our event.