Mr. Ron Denson, GMS Teacher, Named Garrard County Schools Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Mr. Ron Denson for being recognized as the Garrard County Schools Teacher of the Month sponsored by Whole Latte Love! #gmsproud #gcsproud

Mr. Denson has dedicated himself to becoming a leader for the students of Garrard County Schools.  As a Deeper Learning cadre member, Mr. Denson is striving to improve himself as a teacher to challenge students to think deeply about the content, and learn how to better communicate in today’s world. Mr. Denson is a supportive team member and demonstrates his leadership abilities within his department, as a partner on his team, and collaborating to improve the US history curriculum at GMS. Garrard County Schools and Garrard Middle School is fortunate to have Mr. Ron Denson leading and teaching. Thank you Mr. Denson for your hard work and dedication to the students of Garrard County.