School Board Appreciation

Garrard County School Board Honored in the Month of January 

As Kentucky observes School Board Recognition Month in January, Garrard County joined in on the celebration.

Dr. Jerry Browning, Dr. Connie Lamb, Mr. Ken Hurt, Mrs. Mary Davis & Mr. Ethan Smith are among the more than 850 school board members in the state’s 171 local school districts being recognized this month for their service.

Garrard County Superintendent, Mr. Kevin Stull said, “Our dedicated board team works to give every child in every classroom access to high quality teaching and learning. Even in the face of new challenges, like rising costs and nationwide staffing shortages, Kentucky’s school board members never flinch to do what’s necessary for our district,” he said. “That’s certainly the case here in Garrard County. Our community should be very proud of this team of board members.”

Students and staff members also voiced their gratitude of the Garrard County School Board Members. CLICK HERE to view their appreciation.